The firm’s philosophy is that the planning starts with the structure and that the framework of the structure is what steers the stability, efficiency and flexibility of the ultimate financial outcome which not only helps to create, but to also protect and maintain the financial wealth of the stakeholders

At Boss Private Clients (“BPC”) we understand that the financial and legal framework within which we operate is, to say the least, complex, and that often clients can be faced with competing interests and regulations that leave the stakeholders having to make decisions where there may need to be trade offs. We see it as our challenge to minimise those trade offs. This starts with understanding the client and understanding the client’s needs, both present and future.

Whilst we recognise that no two clients’ needs are the same, it is our role to develop a tailored solution for each client’s individual circumstances and we believe that we have established a framework which aims to achieve the following key objectives.

For clients that have active business interests.

  • Protecting the retained earnings of the business from the potential claims of unsecured creditors.
  • Protecting the working capital advances made by the stakeholders to the business entities.
  • Maintaining a clear segregation of the active business assets from the personal non active assets of the business and those of the individual stakeholders.
  • Providing efficiency and flexibility in the structure that enables the passing of business profits from the high risk business entities to the low risk passive investment entities in the group without additional tax.
  • Minimizing the exposure of the high risk individuals in the group.
  • Utilizing where possible the most generous superannuation tax regime for individuals approaching their vesting age.

Over 40 years in practice, the principals of BPC, in conjunction with the long-standing team of professionals have developed a series of tools and techniques to achieve and maintain the objectives listed above.

The key to achieving this result for clients comes from the following.

  1. Firstly from the fact that we care enough to want to deliver the highest level of service.
  2. Secondly from maintaining an ongoing level of knowledge through ongoing professional training and development which extends from periodical monthly external professional training, to weekly in house training with the professional team. In addition to specific external training, on specific topics and regularly participating in high level discussion groups with peers in both the accounting and legal profession.

We specialise in providing tax, accounting, and strategic advice to business owners, high net worth individuals and their families.

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