Our Philosophy

At Boss Private Clients (‘BPC’), our central objective is to provide clients with the best advice to ensure that their business structure is sound. We believe that a business’ structure is the framework that steers the stability, efficiency and flexibility of the ultimate financial outcome for business owners.

BPC understands that the financial and legal framework within which we operate is highly complex. We often encounter clients that are faced with competing interests and regulations which leave the business owner in a position where they have to make trade-offs. We seek to minimize those trade- offs. To do this, we must start by working closely with our clients to understand their needs and goals.

We recognise that no two clients are the same. Our role is to develop a tailored solution for each client’s individual circumstances. While those circumstances may be different we seek to establish the best framework possible for each client.

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For business clients that have active business interests, this framework includes:

  • Protecting the retained earnings of the business from the potential claims of unsecured creditors.
  • Protecting the working capital advances made by the stakeholders to the business entities.
  • Maintaining a clear segregation of the active business assets from the personal non-active assets of the business and those of the individual stakeholders.
  • Providing efficiency and flexibility in the structure that enables the passing of business profits from the high-risk business entities to the low risk passive investment entities in the group without additional tax.
  • Minimizing the exposure of the high-risk individuals in the group.
  • Utilizing where possible the most generous superannuation tax regime for individuals approaching their vesting age.

With over 35 years in practice, the Directors of BPC, in conjunction with their long-standing team of professionals have developed a series of tools and techniques to achieve and maintain the objectives listed above.

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