Estate & Business Succession

A succession plan is planning the passing control of your assets whether that be on death, incapacity, or within your life time.

We can help you create a succession plan, whether it be for your personal affairs or for your business, to help you determine how to best transfer assets in the most effective manner.

An effective estate plan is about carefully drafting documents that incorporate all assets that you own or control whether they be in your own name, in a family trust or in a superannuation fund. An estate plan achieves the best results when all these factors are considered and incorporated in the best manner and to minimise the tax consequences.

Effective business succession planning is the integration of the business structure plan, with the taxation consequences and personal goals in mind to ensure that your business is transferred to the successor in the most effective manner whether that be by:

  • Sale to an external party,
  • Passage to the next generation, or
  • Sale via a management buy-out.

Personal goals, families, and business strategies change over time. An estate or business succession plan is a document that needs to be reviewed regularly to ensure that the mechanics of what you established in the plan are still relevant for today. We see it as our role to help facilitate this process by enhancing your knowledge of the matters that you need to take into account when considering both your business and personal succession issues.

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