Boss Private Clients has developed a particular interest in superannuation because it sees that superannuation plays and integral role in the wealth and succession planning process of an individuals’ life.

Knowing what can be achieved at the end of one’s working life will help shape, determine and influence what decisions are made with respect to superannuation at the beginning of and during their working lives.

At BPC we see it as our role to explain those rules in a simple and easy to understand format and to help clients navigate their way through the complex and ever-changing superannuation rules and regulations so that clients are not overwhelmed and can see the benefits of a well thought out superannuation plan.

We can assist clients with the following list of related superannuation services.

  • Attending to the establishment of a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (“SMSF”)
  • Attending to the ongoing administration and taxation compliance matters that a SMSF must comply with in order to satisfy the various regulatory bodies.
  • Assisting clients with determining the tax strategies of how and when they should utilize their maximum concessional and non-concessional contribution limits.
  • Attending to the preparation of a cost benefit analysis to assist clients with determining the tax strategies of how and when they should commence a retirement income stream, whether it be a Transition to Retirement Income Stream (“TRIS”) or a normal allocated pension.
  • Developing structures and strategies that will permit clients to invest in either related or unrelated direct or indirect property investments without breaching such rules as the in-house asset rule, the sole purpose test or the non-commercial income provisions.
  • Developing structures to facilitate the segregation of risk between a client’s superannuation assets and their other business and personal assets.
  • Assisting clients who seek to have their SMSF borrow to acquire assets pursuant to the limited recourse borrowing arrangements, including facilitating the establishment of the bare trust deed, liaising with the lender, determining and facilitating the appropriate strategy for the members equity contributions and attending to the preparation of the supporting documentation to comply with the auditors’ requirements.
  • Assisting clients to model the cash flow impact of limited recourse borrowing arrangements

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